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Visit Montagnana

The Montagnana guided tours are managed by the Murabilia Association and the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Montagnana

Guided tours - fixed appointments


We remind you of the two monthly fixed appointments (excluding July and August) to discover our town accompanied by a guide:


Every third Sunday of the month a guided tour of the city is scheduled, starting at 3.30 pm from the Tourist Office IAT of Montagnana at the Castle of San Zeno (Piazza Trieste, 15).


The last Sunday of the month, at 3.00 pm, you can climb the Mastio (the tallest tower in our town) accompanied by a guide to learn about the history of this particular building and admire the walled city from a height of almost 40 meters.


For information and reservations
www.comune.montagnana.pd.it (search for "Tourist Office")
info@montagnanamurabilia.it - 331 9080142
ufficioturistico@comune.montagnana.pd.it - 0429 81320



Self-guided tours


The walls of the town are always accessible (the perimeter of about 2 km can be covered from both the inside and the outside) while the Mastio can be visited independently from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, during the opening hours of the Tourist Office IAT of Montagnana (last entry half an hour before closing).


Cycling routes


If you want to explore Montagnana and its surroundings by bike, you can follow these recommended routes:


1. Walled cities itinerary